Ashlee Ferguson

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My specialty is helping busy professionals complete time-consuming tasks so they can focus on their strengths and achieve their goals. Services for office and home include:

  • Maintenance – Scheduling and managing service providers
  • Organization – Creating form and function, decluttering
  • Events – Decorating and serving (hostess, wait staff, personal attendant)
  • Relocation – Scheduling and managing movers, staging, packing
  • Estate/consignment sales
  • Planning meals, assisting with laundry, running errands and so much more!

Ideal Client

Our ideal clients value a healthy balance in their personal and professional lives. They typically work long hours, travel frequently and know how to delegate time-consuming tasks.

Value Proposition

Clients delegate to Queen City Concierge with complete confidence it will get done well and on time. This creates peace of mind, reduces stress, and frees them to spend time on the activities and with the people that are important to them.

Why I Do What I Do

I know what it is like to work in today’s fast-paced world, but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our limited free time to get errands and chores done. Our clients spend their precious time on what means most to them (friends, family, hobbies and self-care) and we take care of the rest. 

“We spend our time freeing up yours.”

Queen City Concierge

Office Phone: 605-332-4386
Cell Phone: 605-359-3506





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Keri Barrow, Horner Barrow Orthodontics, PC

Advisor's Rating:
I absolutely love Ashlee and her service! She totally gets what a busy, working family needs. I have used her for everything from meal prep to party planning to replacing a refrigerator water filter! If there's a problem or a task that I can't address she will take care of it! I can't say enough good things about Ashlee and Queen City Concierge.

Sanaa Abourezk, Sanaa's Gourmet Mediterranean

Advisor's Rating:
Ashlee is my go to person whenever I have an event, office luncheon or large wedding. I just give her the job, what I need done, when and where. I focus on the  cooking and preparing food for the event without any worries, because I know that she is taking care of all the details in the most efficient and professional way.


Advisor's Rating:
Ashlee has been a big help to me as we travel a lot. She responds in a timely manner and always takes care of my requests. I have been very happy with Queen City Concierge's services.

Lindsey Quasney, Attorney

Advisor's Rating:
Ashlee and her team are amazing. They are incredibly professional and excellent at what they do. They have saved my family so much time. I would recommend their company to my friends.