Rey Gonzales

Business Brokerage


I provide comprehensive and confidential support to people who are selling or buying a business. Services include: 

- Marketing and Selling a Business

- Finding and Buying a Business

- Business Consulting

  • How to Create/Maximize Value
  • Settling Partner Disputes
  • Effective Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Exit Planning Options
  • SBA/Bank Financing Structuring

- Broker’s Opinion of Value (Used for Listing a Business)

- Certified Business Valuations (Used by SBA, IRS, Bankers, and Attorney’s)


Ideal Client

My ideal client is a long-time business owner that is looking to exit a profitable business and enter the next phase of their life. Typically, they have never sold a business before and appreciate our ability sell their business confidentially. 

Value Proposition

Our clients appreciate that we are success-based, help them in professionally bringing their business to market, and assist in all phases of completing a sale of their business. After our first meeting, sellers understand our tried and tested process, understand the importance of selling a business entity confidentially, and appreciate the value that I/Murphy Business will bring to the transaction.

Why I Do What I Do
I derive great satisfaction from helping business owners and/or buyers reach the next phase in their life, typically retirement for a seller, and business ownership for a buyer. The service I provide utilizes my unique combination of skills (business consulting, business valuation, SBA/bank financing, negotiation, marketing/sales) and statewide network of business owners and professionals. 

Phone: 605-929-3760





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